See what others had to say about their OEI experience.

I had so much fun at this camp! Would highly recommend to anyone interested in expressing their thoughts. The leaders teach clarity and confidence in a very effective manner. Everyone I’ve talked to had a blast!!!

- Luke Kim, Student

I went to the camp wanting to improve my debate skills, but I learned so much more and enjoyed extemp so much! The coaches were very motivational and made learning fun such as the fluency drills which were like games. My skills in debate and speaking have really come far in the short time a week is due to the amazing feedback coaches provide. I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone in any speech or debate event or someone just interest in speech and debate! Your content, delivery, and ability to think on the spot are sure to improve.

- Avneet Sohi, Student

It was an excellent opportunity that helped him grow as a speaker and I also love the fact that it was free nationwide!

- Abtain J. Titus, Parent

It was an amazing opportunity to participate in this program and helped me know where I needed to improve right before the speech & debate season started.

- Kierson Titus, Student

The camp has really helped my child get more confident in their speaking skills and how they do in debate. I have noticed my child is more up to date on current issues and is passionate about the camp as she seemed to enjoy all the activities everyday. A big thanks to the coaches that organized this amazing camp!

- Jasdeep Sohi, Parent

The Ohio Extemp Initiative was an awesome camp that has profoundly expanded my knowledge and interest in social issues. It was an enriching learning experience that has rendered skills I will use in everyday life. The thorough lectures and effective speaking drills enhanced the experience and I would definitely do it again. Thank you for your professionalism and hard work!

- Radha Pareek, Student

The coaches are amazing and really easy to talk to. They're always there to help and make this camp a fun experience.

- Julia Wang, Student

The 2021 Ohio Extemp Initiative was influential in the development of my skills as an extemper. The impactful drills that are taught, if used to practice, can tremendously advance one's delivery, and the feedback provided by the instructors was top-notch.

- Anonymous Student