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In the interest of equity, all of our recorded lectures and slideshows are public! You may access them below.

Recorded Lectures

The Judicial Branch: US Legal Issues.mp4

The Judicial Branch: US Legal Issues

Presented by Dev Ahuja & Piyush Chitnis



Presented by Vikram Sundaram & Pinak Chitnis

The Environment

The Environment

Presented by Vikram Sundaram

US Healthcare.mp4

US Healthcare

Presented by Dev Ahuja


Presented by Pinak Chitnis

All about

All About Introductions

Presented by Pinak Chitnis


OEI: Advanced Substructure
OEI: The Judicial Branch
OEI: Subconscious Skills in Speaking
OEI: Sources
OEI: Asia
OEI: The Environment
OEI: China
OEI: US Healthcare
OEI: Basic Extemp Structure
OEI: Economics
OEI: All About Introductions (Advanced)
OEI: Social Issues
OEI: The Art of Delivery
OEI: AGD Workshop
OEI: The Middle East
OEI: Cross Examination
OEI: Extemp Tournament Procedure & Etiquette
OEI: Introduction
OEI: Vocabulary