When will the camp be in 2023?

The Ohio Extemp Initiative will run from July 17-21.

What time is the camp each day?

The camp is from 9 AM to 12:30 PM each day.

A free camp? Why free?

The camp is 100% free. Camps for Speech and Debate programs, including Extemporaneous Speaking, often amass well over $700 to $1500 in their cost. By establishing OEI as a free program, we strive to reduce this massive equity gap which restricts many talented competitors with massive potential from growing as a speaker. If you'd like to support our efforts, we will send out an optional donation form at the end of the camp!

Can I participate even if I am not a regular Extemporaneous competitor?

Absolutely. We encourage anyone, from any event, who would like to learn Extemp or improve their speaking skills in general to participate. Being able to speak extemporaneously or with little preparation is an essential skill, even if you won't use it to compete.

Where can I get the Zoom link for the camp?

We will email the Zoom link to competitors and coaches who've asked for it as well as add a banner on our website (replacing the current registration banner) after the deadline for registration ends.

Can I participate in the camp if I do not live in Ohio?

Absolutely! The camp is open to all students across the United States, no matter what state you live in.  Just make sure you know the time conversion - the camp is in EST!

Will students get to participate in a tournament simulation?

Yes! The last two days of the camp will be devoted to a mock tournament. We will have 4 preliminary rounds and then a hidden final round for the top competitors! All competitors will be guaranteed 4 preliminary rounds, but the top five students after the 3rd preliminary round will advance to a hidden final round judged by three people, while the remaining students participate in a normal fourth round - giving all students an equal opportunity at four rounds.

What ages can participate in this camp?

We encourage anyone who is interested in Extemporanous speaking in middle school and high school to attend. We will make it friendly for all levels of experience. This means anyone aged 12 or older!

What will be the schedule of the camp over the duration of the 5 days?

The 2023 schedule will be released closer to the start of camp.

Will the camp be virtual or in-person?

In the interest of equity, we have decided to continue hosting the camp virtually. This will enable nationwide access to reputable, quality education.

Is this camp available to both Domestic/US and International Extemps?

Absolutely. If you compete in either Extemporaneous category, you are more than welcome to participate. All instructors are well versed in both spheres.

Is this camp for Extemporaneous Speaking or Extemporaneous Debate?

This camp will not give instruction on Extemporaneous Debate. It will focus on general content which may be useful for Extemp Debate, but the delivery and structure lessons will all be about Extemporaneous Speaking.

How can I unenroll from the camp?

If you become unable to participate but have already signed up, please email contact@ohioextemp.org with your information so we can remove you from our enrollments.