Our 2023 schedule is now public! Scroll below to read about our camp divisions.

OEI 2022 Public Schedule



Novices are first-year competitors in Speech and Debate. At OEI, those who are inexperienced with Extemporaneous Speaking will receive instruction tailored to building a foundation for this type of speaking. Lessons will be focused on learning the fundamentals of Extemporaneous Speaking.

Novices will be taught the basic structure of an Extemp speech, essential delivery skills, and content breakdowns. Additionally, Extempers will receive personalized feedback through drills and the OEI tournament, which will take place on the last two days of camp .


Those with experience competing in Extemp understand the foundation of the craft. Thus, their instruction will be separated from the Novice Division to punctuate more complex concepts.

Like the Novices, the Advanced Division will receive content breakdown lessons, but will also receive instruction on more complex topics, such as advanced substructure, delivery techniques, and the nuances of Extemporaneous Speaking. These students will also participate alongside the Novice Division in the OEI Tournament.